Up and Running

Finally, we’re up and running.  Welcome to PixelBind.com.  I’ve been trying to get a blog up and running for a little over a year now.  I finally sacrificed a few days over the weekend to code out my theme.  I know I’ll have to adjust it here and there, but for now, it’ll do the

Responsive Page Layouts with jQuery and CSS

Screen resolutions vary tremendously these days.  As a web developer, you want your site to present itself nicely no matter what platform you’re viewing it on.  For years now, many companies thought the best approach to delivering content to a mobile device would be to create a clone of the site specifically styled for mobile

Removing a Stylesheet from the DOM with jQuery

I was coding a DotNetNuke skin today (pardon me while I throw up), and got sick and tired of the interference of it’s default stylesheet.  Many of you right now are probably thinking the quick fix would be to remove the content from the stylesheet on the server, but the problem is that I am

Creating a Caption Slider with jQuery

I know I’ve been on a jQuery kick.  I guess I’ve been doing a lot of user-interface coding lately.  I really enjoy using jQuery.  It really makes a developer’s life easier as it handles most cross-browser problems.  Also, the way you write it just seems to make logical sense to me. Anyway, here’s what I’ll

Not Receiving Apple ID Verification Email

My mother recently bought an iPhone (Go Mom!). I think the main reason was to FaceTime with my siblings and myself. I was showing her a few little tricks on the phone when I realized she hasn’t downloaded any apps from the app store. I told her how she needed an Apple ID, and once

Sorting Indicators on ASP.NET GridView

I was recently trying to sort an ASP.NET gridview and realized it was no easy task to show the column that the grid was sorted by.  I don’t know if 4.0 or 4.5 .NET has this capability, but it seems like the GridView control should have parameters that you could assign an ascending/descending icons to.

Make a DIV stick when you scroll

I’ve seen this method used a lot around the web and I’ve recently been working on a website where I wanted to incorporate it.  After finding zero results in about a minute of research, I thought this would be a neat topic to write a post about. So my main concept here is to have

WordPress Http Error on Media Uploader

Out of the blue, I was receiving a red “HTTP Error” while attempting to upload images with WordPress’ core image uploader (WordPress version 3.6.x). This was occurring while using the mult-file uploader (ajax) and the legacy browser uploader. It even reported a HTTP Error while setting a featured image. There was a lot of users